About Nathan Patterson

Nathan Patterson is a proud Wagiman Man living who is now residing in Torquay on the south coast of Victoria. His people are from Pine Creek, near the Daly River Region in the Northern Territory, where the Wagiman clan are the traditional landowners. Nathan was born 1981, in Preston Victoria and adopted to white parents. He met his biological mother for the first time when he was 15 years of age. His passion for painting first emerged during his teenage years which led to engaging in the study of Fine Arts in 2002 at RMIT, Melbourne. Nathan art career has now flourished and he now works as a full time artist.

About his style

Nathan’s art is a mixture of contemporary designs using traditional techniques that incorporate the dreamtime stories of his people and of the land he was born on. He continues to tell these stories through his art. Nathan strives to push the boundaries of contemporary Aboriginal art through the use of vibrant colours and traditional design.

Nathan is passionate about sharing Aboriginal culture through art.

Watch Nathan talk about his artwork for “Hop for Hope”

What he offers

Acrylic on Canvas

Nathan provides ‘daily art’ which is his choice of painting depending on what inspires him on the day.

Nathan is available to take orders on commissions and is able to do various sizes and images depending on what the customer needs are. Nathan uses Jo Sonja’s professional artist’s paints and quality canvases.


Nathan is able to do logo designs and sketches/illustration for customers depending on what their needs are. He provides top quality artwork and consults with the customer at various stages of the artwork.

Art/cultural Workshops

Nathan provides workshops to schools called ‘Sharing Culture through Art’. His workshops include;

  • Learning art symbols,
  • Art styles,
  • Didgeridoo playing,
  • Ochre face painting,
  • Artefacts and their uses,
  • Interactive time with paintings,
  • Artefacts & AFL (Essendon & Richmond) designed Guernsey’s by Nathan.

Community/fundraising Project

Nathan has been involved in the 2015 project working alongside Robert ‘Dipper’ DiPierdomenico from the Hawthorn Football Club with The Alannah and Madeline Foundation and Yarra Valley Chocolatier & Ice Creamery. The project is named ‘Hop for Hope’ and is a collaborative art exhibition raising funds to keep children safe from violence and bullying. Nestled amongst the picturesque views of the Yarra Valley, the ‘Hop for Hope’ exhibition will showcase 40 larger than life-size kangaroos decorated and designed by iconic Australian artists and identities.